Delhi players Vaibhav Suri and Prithu Gupta shines at Switzerland

Delhi Grandmaster Vaibhav Suri won the Biel Masters Open 2018 at Switzerland on Wednesday. Starting as 19th seed in the event in a strong field consist of 26 Grandmasters and 23 International Master which include 27 players above the rating of 2500, Vaibhav played some extra ordinary matches to finish at first with a half point difference on 7.0/9.

While another Delhi youngster Prithu Gupta made it double delight for the Delhi chess fans as he secured his second grandmaster norm in the tournament with creditable performance finishing 11th in the strong field with 6 points. During the tournament his rating performance was 2620 and increased 22 elo points.  He achieved this all with victories over Grandmaster Evgeny Romanov, Dan Zoler and draw against champion Vaibhav Suri, Grandamasters Kovchan Alexander, Moussard Jules and Iturrizaga Eduardo. Prithu achieved his first GM Norm early this year in Gibraltar Masters 2018.