Shailesh Dravid wins 2nd DCA Open

Shailesh Dravid wins 2nd DCA Open

Hard fought battles int the final round ensured a thrilling end to the event as eight players tied for the pole position with seven and half points.  With better tie break score, Shailesh Dravid of Maharashtra emerged as champion to pocket a cash prize of Rs. 1,01,000/- along with winner’s trophy while while Matta Vinay Kumar of Andhra Bank finished as first runner up and Arghyadip Das of Railways as second runner up.


In the rating category of 1999-1600, Alok Sinha of Delhi secured first prize with Rs. 71,000/-  as cash award while in Below 1599 category, Nakul Chaudhary of Uttar Pradesh won the first prize to pocket same amount as cash prize.

Stuti Bhanot of Haryana adjudged as best female player while Ansh Bhargava of Delhi become best among unrated players.  Aaryan Varshney  of Delhi, Raahl Mullick of Maharashtra, Tanish Sai Kavuru of Andhra Pradesh finished best among Under-15, Under-12 and Under-8 age categories respectively. Shubham and Palkin Kaur become Best Delhi player and Best Delhi girl player respectively.

In a colourful closing ceremony, Shri. Anurag Garg IPS, Jt Director Central Bureau of Investigation and Shri. Bharat Singh, Secretary All India Chess Federation gave away the cash prizes and trophies to the winners along with Shri. AK Verma, Secretary Delhi Chess Association and Grandmaster Mircea Parligras.




Matta Vinay Kumar in sole lead

New Delhi (14 Oct 17) :- Andhra Bank’s Matta Vinay Kumar defeated International Master Himal Gusain of Chandigarh in the seventh round to take sole with 6.5 in the ongoing 2nd DCA Open FIDE Rated Chess Tournament at Navakaar Banquets, Hotel Caspia here on Saturday.

A pack of thirteen players including Grandmaster RR Laxman and second seed International Master Arghyadip Das are closely following the leader with a drift of half-point.

Playing white side of Taimanov variation of Sicilian defence, Vinay Kumar had shown tactical end game skills with his queen against Rook and Bishop to overcome his top seed rival in 57 moves. In other  important seventh round battles, second seed Arghyadip Das of Railways signed the peace treaty with team mate Rahul Sangma while Abhishek Kelkar and Grandmaster RR Laxman settled for half point against Shailesh Dravid and Aronyak Ghosh respectively.


In a surprising result of the day, Y Saranya of Tamilnadu held Grandmaster GM MR Venkatesh to a creditable draw.


Important Results Round-7 :- Matta Vinay Kumar (6.5) beat IM Himal Gusain (5.5); IM Arghyadip Das (6) drew with IM Rahul Sangma (6); IM Abhishek Kelkar (6) drew with Shailesh Dravid (6); GM Laxman R R (6) drew with Aronyak Ghosh (6); IM Hemant Sharma (6) drew with IM Chakkravarthy Reddy (6); Saranya Y (5.5) drew with GM MR Venkatesh (5.5); Shuham (5) lost to Saravana Krishnan R (6); Gavi Siddayya (5) lost to IM Rathnakaran K (6); Deepak Katiyar (6) beat Anurag Jaiswal (5); Subramanian R M (5.5) drew with Deepthamsh Reddy (5.5); Sri Sai Baswanth P (5) lost to Barath Kalyan M (6); Gajendra Singh (6) beat Shrutarshi Ray (5); Mushini Ajay (5.5) drew with Arun Rathi (5.5); Raghav Srivathav (5.5) drew with Subramanian V (5.5); Joshi Govind Ballabh (5.5) beat Ankit Kumar Singh (5).


Rousing Start of 2nd DCA Open

New Delhi (11 Oct 17) :- The 2nd DCA Open FIDE Rated Chess Tournament organized by Delhi Chess Association got off to a rousing start at Navakaar Banquets, Hotel Caspia, Haiderpur, New Delhi today. A total number of 481 players from across the country are participating in the tournament, which include 2 Grandmasters, 8 International Masters and 419 International rated players.

International Master Himal Gusain of Chandigarh started as top seed in this Rs. 17.77 lakh prize money event in which Rs. 1,01,000/- reserved for the winner. Delhi Chess Association has taken a bold step to shift the venue for the comfort of players at the last minute but the same has been benefited the players with better playing conditions. The move has been wholeheartedly welcomed by players and parents.