Amonatov Wins Delhi International

Top seeded Grandmaster Farrukh Amonatov of Tajikistan won the 15th Parsvnath Delhi International Chess tournament after settling for a quick draw with Grandmaster Diptayan Ghosh in the 10th and final round that concluded here.

Scoring 8.5 points out of a possible ten, Amanotov stayed a half point ahead of Ghosh and Dzhumaev Marat of Uzbekistan who both tied for the second spot on eight points but the former was declared the runners up based on his better tiebreak.

While Amonatov got richer by Rs. 400000/-, Diptayan got Rs. 300000/- and Dzhumaev took Rs. 200000/- from the total kitty of over fifty one lakhs prize money split over three categories.

After Niranjan Navalgund making a Grandmaster norm, Aradhya Garg of Delhi made an International Master norm defeating Grandmaster Nilotpal Das in what was a fine display of attacking chess. Aradhya sacrificed a piece in the early stages of the middle game and got a handful of pawns as the game progressed. Making the most of opportunities provided, Aradhya went on to score a memorable victory.

Another norm was scored by Arpita Mukherjee who ended up with a Women’s International Master norm from her performance here. Arpita drew with R A Harikrishna in her final round game.

Meanwhile in the ‘C’ group, Suhaib Ahmad of Uttar Pradesh won the first prize with nine points out of a possible ten. It was a four way tie at the top between R P Baisakh, S Satyanarayan, Bishal Basak on nine points apiece in the event and Ahmad had the best tiebreak to back him.

Important results final round (Indians unless stated): Diptayan Ghosh (8) drew with Farrukh Amonatov (Tjk, 8.5); Murali Karthikeyan (7.5) drew with Marat Dzhumaev (Uazb, 8); Swayams Mishra (7.5) drew with Adam Tukhaev (Ukr, 7.5); M R Lalith Babu (7.5) beat N R Visakh (7); P Shyaamnikhil (7) drew with Vitaly Sivuk (Ukr, 7); Karen Movsziszian (Arm, 7) drew with Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy (Vie, 7); Andrei Deviatkin (Rus, 7.5) beat Niaz Murshed (Ban, 6.5); Hesham Abdelrahman (Egy, 6.5) lost to Czebe Attila (Hun, 7.5); Saptarshi Roy (7) drew with Sahaj Grover (7); David Alberto (7) beat Niranjan Navalgund (6.5)

Day 8

Niranjan Navalgund makes Grandmaster norm

Niranajn Navalgund

Untitled Niranjan Navalgund made his maiden Grandmaster norm despite losing to Grandmaster Dzhumaev Marat of Uzbekistan in the ninth and penultimate round of 15th Parsvnath International chess tournament now underway here.

Niranjan Navalgund and GM Marat Dzhumaev

Having secured 6.5 points against high ranking opposition in the first eight rounds, Navalgund only had to turn up to play his game in the ninth round and despite the loss his performance thus far was good enough for a grandmaster norm. Being untitled, Navalgund has set a new benchmark for youngsters and the Chennai-based author looks good to be a Grandmaster in quick time.

GM Farrukh Amonatov and IM Swayams Mishra

Meanwhile Grandmaster Farrukh Amanotov of Tajikistan stayed ahead of the field with a quick draw against Swayams Mishra. With 8 points in his kitty, Amanotov remains the sole leader and is now trailed by Diptayan Ghosh and Dzhmaev who both are a half point behind.

Diptyan Ghosh and Saptarshi Roy

The Rs. 18 Lakh tournament will come to an end on Monday and it seems Amanotov is the hot favourite at this point. However as the last round pairings suggest Diptayan Ghosh has a task on hand if he can win against the top ranked player here.

Local hopeful Sahaj Grover has a chance to finish in top ten if he can win his last round game against Saptarshi Roy. However the Bengal International Master is in top form here.

GM Marat Dzhumaev

Marat Dzhumaev has been in best form in the last few games and all eyes will be on him in the last round too. His uncompromising style calls for a scintillating finish to this year’s event.

For the next year, the prize money bar has been raised to over Rs. 77 lakhs. The Delhi International is the highest attended event in the country with participation of over 2000 players.

Day 7

Amanotov pulls ahead

GM Vitaly Sivuk and GM Farrukh Amonatov

Top seed Grandmaster Farrukh Amanotov of Tajikistan pulled ahead of the field with a finely crafted victory over Vitaly Sivuk of Ukraine in the eighth round of 15th Parsvnath Delhi International Chess tournament now underway here.

With his seventh victory in eight games, Amanotov took his tally to a whopping 7.5 points out of a possible eight and stretched his lead to a full point over nearest rivals with just two rounds remaining in the Rs. 18 Lakhs prize money tournament.

The day was tailor-made for Amanotov who played with black and got a slightly better position in the middle game. Sivuk fell under a bit of time scramble after losing a pawn and it was a strategic domination by the top seed in the end.

Niranjan Navalgund

Niranajan Navalgund continued with his dream run in the tournament and defeated Hungarian Grandmaster Adam Horvath in another scintillating performance. The victory with black pieces not only took Navalgund to a shared second spot on 6.5 points but also brought him extremely close to what would be his maiden Grandmaster player. Being an untitled player, this would be a great achievement if it happens on Sunday.

GM Adam Horvath and Niranjan Navalgund


Among other important games of the day, Indian talents Murali Karthikeyan and Diptayan Ghosh played out a draw between them after a tense struggle to inch up to 6.5 points as well while Marat Dzhumaev of Uzbekistan outplayed Alberto David of Italy to also reach 6.5 points. International Masters Sapatarshi Roy, Swayams Mishra and NR  Visakh all had victories over Grandmasters to also reach 6.5 for a shared second spot.


GM Murali Karthikeyan and GM Diptyan Ghosh

Saptarshi Roy defeated Czebe Atilla of Hungary, Swayams Mishra proved stronger than Niaz MUrshed of Bangladesh while Visakh defeated local hopeful Sahaj Grover.

IM Swayams Mishra


IM Saptarshi Roy

Important results round 8 (Indians unless stated): Vitaly Sivuk (Ukr, 6) lost to Farrukh Amonatov (Tjk, 7.5); Murali Karthikeyan (6.5) drew with Diptayan Ghosh (6.5); Marat Dzhumaev (Uzb, 6.5) beat David Alberto (Ita, 5.5); Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan (6) drew with Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy (Vie, 6); Adam Horvath (Hun, 5.5) lost to Niranjan Navalgund (6.5); Saptarshi Roy (6.5) beat Czebe Attila (Hun, 5.5); Swayams Mishra (6.5) beat Niaz Murshed (Ban, 5.5); N R Visakh (6.5) beat Sahaj Grover (5.5); Rakesh Kumar Jena (5) lost to M R Lalith Babu (6); VAV Rajesh (5) lost to Adam Tukhaev (Ukr, 6); Karen Movsziszian (Arm, 5.5) drew with Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury (5.5); Kurbonboeva Sarvinoz (Uzb, 5) lost to Andrei Deviatkin (Rus, 6); Valeriy Neverov (Ukr, 5.5) drew with Sameer Kathmale (5.5); S Nitin (5) lost to Aradhya Garg (6).

Day 6

Amonatov  beats Murali Karthikeyan to take sole lead

GM Farrukh Amonatov and GM Murali Karthikeyan

Top seed Grandmaster Farrukh Amonatov of Tajikistan defeated overnight sole leader Murali Karthikeyan to emerge as the new leader after the end of the seventh round of 15th Parsvnath Delhi International Chess tournament now underway here.

GM Farrukh Amonatov

Amonatov showed immense discipline and skill to beat Karthikeyan who was clearly not in the best of forms for the first time in the tournament. Having won the first six, Karthikeyan could have almost sealed the tournament victory with a seventh victory but Friday was clearly not his day.

It was an irregular set up in the Sicilian defense that Amonatov chose as white and got the initiative after the Indian played a bit passive. The middle game saw queens changing hands quickly but the ensuing endgame gave a tangible advantage to the highest rated player. Karthikeyan lost a pawn and did not get a chance to recover. The game lasted 55 moves.

Diptyan Ghosh and N R Visakh

Amonatov took his tally to 6.5 points out of a possible seven and is now a half point ahead of Karthikeyan, Grandmaster Diptayan Ghosh and GM Vitaly Sivuk of Ukraine. Diptayan played a fine game to beat N R Visakh while Sivuk got the better of compatriot Valeriy Neverov.

GM Diptyan Ghosh

Niranjan Navalgund almost ensured himself an International Master norm after holding International Master Swayams Mishra to a draw. Navalgund took his tally to a very impressive 5.5 points and his International Master norm looks a near certainty now. However the budding writer also has a fair chance for a

Grandmaster norm and that’s what he will be aiming for in the next two rounds.

Among the local favourites, Grandmaster Sahaj Grover came back in reckoning after a loss in the previous round defeating Sidhant Mohapatra. Grover also moved to 5.5 points and will need a good finish in the last three remaining rounds.

The Delhi International is part of a huge festival and the final event is called the ‘C’ category. The record books have been set again as the event has participation of over 1100 players in the ‘C’ category. Buoyed by the huge response, Bharat Singh Chauhan, the president of Delhi Chess Association has announced a total prize pool of Rs. 7777777/- (over Seventy Seven lakhs) prize fund for the next year’s event. This year the prize fund is over 51 Lakhs.

Important results round 7 (Indians unless specified): Farrukh Amonatov (Tjk, 6.5) beat Murali Karthikeyan (6); Diptayan Ghosh (6) beat N R Visakh (5.5); Vitaly Sivuk (Ukr, 6) beat Valeriy Neverov (Ukr, 5); Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy (Vie, 5.5) drew with Adam Horvath (Hun, 5.5); Niranjan Navalgund (5.5) drew with Swayams Mishra (5.5); Alberto David (Ita, 5.5) beat S Nitin (5); Sayantan Das (4.5) lost to S L Narayanan (5.5); Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury (5) drew with Adam Tukhaev (Ukr, 5); Andrei Deviatkin (Rus, 5) drew with Rakesh Kumar Jena (5); Atilla Czebe (Hun, 5.5) beat Erigaisi Arjun (4.5); Sahaj Grover (5.5) beat Sidhant Mohapatra (4.5); Marat Dzhumaev (Uzb, 5.5) beat Rahul Sangma (4.5); Niaz Murshed (Ban, 5.5) beat Masango Spencer (Zim, 4.5); Anup Deshmukh (4.5) lost to Saptarshi Roy (5.5); Pranav Shetty (5) drew with S Ravi Teja (5).

Day 5

Murali Karthikeyan in sole lead

Lalith Babu and Karthikeyan Murali

Grandmaster and national champion Murali Karthikeyan continued with his winning ways and downed highest rated Indian in the fray – M R Lalith Babu to jump in to sole lead in the 15th Parsvnath Delhi International Chess Tournament now underway here.

Scoring his fifth victory in as many games, Karthikeyan edged ahead of the field and will take on Grandmaster Andrei Deviatkin of Russia in the important sixth round game.

Lalith Babu went for unwarranted complications out of a symmetrical structure in the opening and Karthikeyan took his chances with black pieces to enter wild complexities. The game was already in Karthikeyan’s favour in the early middle game and the Chennai-based ensured nothing went wrong for him.

GM Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy and GM Amonatov Farrukh

Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy of Vietnam drew with top seed Amonatov Farrukh of Tajikistan in what turned out to be a little less absorbing contest. Both these players were joined at the second spot by seven other players having 4.5 points apiece.

Local hopeful Sahaj Grover made sure he remained in reckoning and reached 4.5 points after a fine victory over Akash Thakur while N R Visakh defeated Grandmaster Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury to also reach 4.5 points.

The day yet again belonged to Niranjan Navalgund who continued with his smashing form and also reached 4.5. On the receiving end was International Master P Shyaamnikhil. The way he is playing, Navalgund looks within striking distance of what might be his maiden Grandmaster norm. The aspiring novelist is still an untitled player.

Category B Winners

The B Group of the big festival ended today with Sairaj Chittal of Maharashtra bagging the first prize of Rs. 200000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs). Udit Kamdar of Gujrat finished second and won 1.5 lakhs while Sradhanjali Jena of Odisha was declared third that was worth one lakh rupees.

The Delhi open is country’s biggest ever prize money event that is being organised in three categories. The ‘C’ category will begin on Friday and will have over 1000 players competing in it. The International open carries a total prize money of Rs. 1800000/- (Rupees Eighteen Lakhs).

Important results round 5: Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy (Vie, 4.5) drew with Amonatov Farrukh (Tjk, 4.5); M R Lalith Babu (3.5) lost to Murali Karthikeyan (5); S L Narayanan (4) drew with S Nitin (4); Vitaly Sivuk (Ukr, 4) drew with S Ravi Teja (4); Andrei Deviatkin (Rus, 4.5) beat Sayantan Das (3.5); Czebe Attila (Hun, 4.5) beat Rahul Sangma (3.5); P Iniyan (3.5) lost to Swayams Mishra (4.5); Nouri Hamed (Phi, 3.5) lost to Valeriy Neverov (Ukr, 4.5); Sahaj Grover (4.5) beat Akash Thakur (3.5); Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury (3.5) lost to N R Visakh (4.5); Niranjan Navalgund (4.5) beat P Shyaamnikhil (3.5); Atanu Lahiri (3) lost to Diptayan Ghosh (4); Ankit Gajwa (4) beat Vitaliy Bernadskiy (Ukr, 3); Vadim Malakhatko (Bel, 3.5) drew with Arjun Kalyan (3.5); Jacek Stopa (Pol, 3.5) drew with R A Harikrishnan (3.5); K Rathnakaran (3) lost to PC Akash Iyer (4).

Day 4

Karthikeyan among leaders

Karthikeyan Murali

Grandmaster and National Champion Murali Karthikeyan maintained a clean slate defeating compatriot K S Raghunandan in the fourth round of 15th Parsvnath Delhi International open chess tournament now underway here.

In what was a fine display of his growing positional acumen and a penchant for aesthetics, Karthikeyan was simply a cut above Raghunandan who was simply outplayed. It was a Sicilian Kann by Raghunandan and Karthikeyan sacrificed an exchange enroute to registering his fourth victory on the trot.

Top seed GM Farruk Amonatov

Top seed Farrukh Amonatov of Turkmenistan, Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy of Vietnam and Karthikeyan emerged as the three co-leaders with a perfect score after the fourth round. While Amonatov had to work very hard to crack a full point against International Master K Rathnakaram, Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy put it across PC Akash Iyer.


Valeriy Neverov and Iniyan P
Rahul Sangma and Sahaj Grover

Minor upsets continued in the Rs. 18 Lakh prize money tournament in to the fourth round as well. International Master Rahul Sangma continued his good work and held local Grandmaster Sahaj Grover to an easy draw while youngster P Iniyan ensured he did not make any slips against veteran Grandmaster Valeriy Neverov of Ukraine. R A Harikrishnan was the other big gainer of the day as he held Grandmaster Vadim Malakhatko of Belgium to a draw.

Harikrishnan A Ra

With six rounds still to come, a handful of fancied players are amongst those having 3.5 points and are breathing down the neck of the three leaders. Highest ranked Indian in the fray, M R Lalith Babu, former National junior champion S L Narayanan, Andrei Deviatkin of Russia, Vitaly Sivuk of Ukraine, Atilla Czebe of Hungary are all having 3.5 points apiece.

Among other Indians in the fray, Niranjan Navalgund remained on course for an International norm after settling for a draw with higher ranked International Master N R Visakh. Having beaten Grandmaster Karen Movszezian of Armenia and International Master Saptarshi Roy in the last two rounds, Navalgund, a budding novelist, has got off to a flier in the event despite having no FIDE title.

Important results round 4: Farruk Amonatov (TKM, 4) beat K Rathnakaran (3); Murali Karthikeyan (4) beat K S Raghunandan (3); Sayantan Das (3.5) drew with Vitaly Sivuk (UKR, 3.5); Valeriy Neverov (UKR, 3.5) drew with P Iniyan (3.5); Rahul Sangma (3.5) drew with Sahaj Grover (3.5); N R Visakh (3.5) drew with Niranjan Navalgund (3.5); PC Akash Iyer (3) lost to Nguyen Huynh Minh Huy (VIE, 4); V A V Rajesh (2.5) lost to M R Lalith Babu (3.5); Sidhant Mohapatra (2.5) lost to Sunilduth Lyna Narayanan (3.5); R A Harikrishnan (3) drew with Vadim Malakhatko (BEL, 3); S Prasannaa (2.5) lost to Andrei Deviatkin (RUS, 3.5); Pawan Dodeja (2.5)lost to Atilla Czebe (HUN, 3.5); P Shyaamnikhil  (3.5) beat Erigaisi Arjun (2.5); S Vikramjit Singh (3) drew with Niaz Murshed (Ban, 3).

Day 3

Navalgund beats Movsziszian

Niranjan Navalgund

Niranjan Navalgund showed his true mettle and defeated Grandmaster Karen Movsziszian of Armenia in the second round of 15th Delhi International open chess tournament now underway here.

A former Tamil Nadu State champion and a budding writer, Navalgund was in his elements against the experienced Movsziszian and it was an excellent display of counter attacking chess.

For the records, it was a Reti opening wherein Navalgund equalised without much ado and went about pushing further on the queen side. Movsziszian felt the heat once black’s pieces seized the initiative and the end came soon with a typical tactical blow. The game lasted 40 moves.

Akash PC Iyer

P C Akash Iyer was the other big gamer of the second round as he defeated Hungarian Grandmaster Adam Horvath. Akash Iyer showed immense maturity to convert his advantage.


Pratik Patil

While it was business as usual for most of the higher seeds, Alberto David of Italy was forced to split the point against Pratik Patel. The Sicilian Alapin is known to be a peaceful opening and it lived up to its reputation. David started with a lightly worse middle game and only managed to equalise as the pieces changed hands at regular intervals. Players reached a queen and pawns endgame soon after wherein a pawn sacrifice ensured repetition through perpetual checks.

Nishant Malhotra

Local hopeful Nishant Malhotra also joined the party and held Grandmaster Atilla Czebe of Hungary to a creditable draw. Nishant in fact enjoyed some serious advantage but fell prey to some nice defense by Czebe.

Lalith Babu M R

Highest rated Indian M R Lalith Babu played a fine game with black pieces to get the better of compatriot M Mahalakshmi while National Champion Murali Karthikeyan gave little hopes to S Jayakumar.

The 51 Lakh prize money chess festival also has parallel events running with the main International open. The ‘B’ Group has participation of over 600 players while the ‘C’ group will have over 800 players participating.

Top results round 2 (Indians unless specified): F Amonatov (TJK) beat Aradhya Garg; M. Mahalakshmi lost to M R Lalith Babu; Diptayan Ghosh beat Joydeep Dutta; Pratik Patil drew with Alberto David (ITA); Murali Karthikeyan beat S. Jayakumar; Vitaliy Bernadskiy (UKR) beat Anish Gandhi; Chilukuri Likhit lost to Vitaliy Sivuk (UKR); Gireman Ja drew with Adam Tukhaev (UKR); Spencer Masango (ZIM) lost to Vadim Malakhatko (BEL); Karen Movsziszian (ARM) lost to Niranjan Navalgund.

Day 2

Sinha holds Narayanan

The  15th edition of Delhi International Open Chess Tournament got off to a surprising start as unheralded Santosh Kumar Sinha of Gujarat held sixth seed Grandmaster S L Narayanan to a creditable in draw in the opening round.  Maharashtra youngster Soham Datar also started the tournament on a positive note as he held Grandmaster Marat Dzhumaev of Uzbekistan.  Jitendra Kumar Choudhary of Delhi also held Grandmaster Hesham Abdelrahman of Egypt as Indian proved a solid match to the foreign grandmasters.

op Board battle between Aditya Mittal and Farrukh Amonatov

There were numerous instances of lower rated Indian youngsters holding their higher rated counterparts as Priyanka Nutakki held Women Grandmaster Toma Katarzyna of Poland while Rakshita Ravi and Sambit Panda held seasoned International Masters Atanu Lahiri and Anup Deshmukh respectively.

GM Narayanan S L

A total number of 258 players from 23 countries, which include 24 Grandmasters, 22 International Masters are taking part in the premier section while in the Category ‘B’ for the players below 1999 international rating which is underway simultaneously with the premier section attracted a total number of 638 players.  The third category for the players below 1599 elo rating will start on Friday and this section already crossed the barrier 800 and entries are pouring day by day.

GM David Alberto of Italy

Earlier, in the opening ceremony, Shri. Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi formally inaugurated the tournament by making the customary first move in presence of Shri. Madhup Tiwari IPS, Group Captain J Rajendra VSM and Shri. Bharat Singh, CEO All India Chess Federation.


In the opening ceremony, Shri. Bharat Singh made a surprise move by announcing the next edition of this event with a record prize fund of  Rs. 77,77,777 in the year 2018.

Important Results Round-1 (Indians otherwise stated) :- Aditya Mittal (0) lost to GM Farrukh Amonatov of Tajikstan (1); GM Lalith Babu M R (1) beat Bhupendra Niraula of Nepal (0); Indranil Das (0) lost to GM Diptayan Ghosh (1); GM Alberto David of Italy (1) beat WFM Saina Salonika (0); Vantika Agrawal (0) lost to GM Karthikeyan Murali (1); GM S L Narayanan (.5) drew with Santosh Kumar Sinha (.5); WFM Arpita Mukherjee (0) lost to GM Vitaliy Bernadskiy of Ukraine (1); GM Vitaly Sivuk of Ukraine (1) beat Santanu Borpatra Gohain (0); Mallick Masudur Rahman of Bangladesh (0) lost to GM Adam Tukhaev of Ukraine (1); GM Vadim Malakhatko of Belgium (1) beat Ankan Roy (0); Chakravarthy YVK (0) lost to GM Karen Movsziszian of Armenia (1); GM Andrei Deviatkin of Russia (1) beat Shakti Vishal (0); Vinay Raj Bhatt (0) lost to GM Adam Horvath of Hungary (1); GM Attila Czebe of Hungary (1) beat Jay Kundaliya (0); Bharath Subramaniyam (0) lost to IM Swayams Mishra (1); GM Jacek Stopa of Poland (1) beat Niladri Shekhar Bhattacharya (0); WIM Ivana Maria Furtado (0) lost to GM Valeriy Neverov of Ukraine (1); GM Sahaj Grover (1) beat Badrinath S (0); WFM Rutumbara Bidhar lost to GM Neelotpal Das (1); GM Marat Dzhumaev of Uzbekistan (.5) drew with Soham Datar (.).

Day 1

Record Participation in Delhi International Chess tournament

All records are set to be broken as the 15th edition of the Delhi International will have over 1800 participants in three categories fighting for a prize fund of Rs. 5151000/- (Rupees Fifty One Lakh Fifty One Thousand).

GM Farrukh Amonatov

The biggest Indian open grew even bigger this year with the highest ever prize money offered on Indian soil in any open tournament. The premier event has drawn world class players like Grandmaster Amonatov Farrukh of Tajikistan who will start as the top seed in the ‘A’ group.

GM Lalith Babu M R

The Indian challenge will be spearheaded by Grandmaster and former Commonwealth Champion M R Lalith Babu who starts as the second seed in a star studded field comprising 27 Grandmasters and 24 International Masters in a field of around 270  participants as of now.

The “B” group that starts along-side the main event on Saturday has 585 participants while the ‘C’ group remains the biggest draw with the participants’ list touching close to 900. With entries still pouring in at the last minute, the organisers are sure to cross the 1800 mark, which is a shade more than those who participated last year. The list of participating countries are also broke the record with participation of players from 28 countries.

The ‘A’ group also gives opportunities for players to get International title norms and there are ample title holders to facilitate the norms of candidates who perform well. There are more than a handful of Indian talents here vying for their respective title norms.

“This remains as good an opportunity for any chess player in our country as well as abroad as it was when we started this event. Having started with a meagre prize fund of Rs.  3.5 Lakhs in 2002, the tournament prize fund has grown fifteen times in fifteen editions”, said Mr. Bharat Singh Chauhan the President of Delhi Chess Association.

Come Monday the Ludlow Castle Sports complex will be bustling with chess players eager to make their moves. All the three categories are open to all participants and the registration for the ‘C’ group is open till the 12th of January 2017.

There will be ten rounds in ‘A’ group and nine each in ‘B’ and ‘C’ group.